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7 Products To Slather On When You’ve Had a Bit Too Much Sun

By Sophie Wirt
Chic after-sun products

Sorry, but there’s no such thing as a healthy tan. Yet, too many of us still overdo it on the sun exposure, especially in the summertime. In addition to the fact that they’re downright unhealthy, sunburns can leave skin feeling chapped, flaky, itchy, and generally uncomfortable.

While the damage can’t be reversed, you can soothe these symptoms with an after-sun product, and we’ve rounded up seven of our favorites, below. Not only do they hydrate skin that’s been parched from UV rays, but they also work on contact to help soothe the discomfort of a sunburn, thanks to ingredients like aloe, glycerin, and a host of hydrating oils. (Then, be sure to shop these SPF picks.


Beautycounter® Countersun™ After Sun Cooling Gel ($32) relies on glycerin and aloe to draw and lock in moisture from the air. Expect a lightweight, non-greasy concoction that smells like vacation in a bottle. Plus, the entire ingredients list is all natural.


OUAI™ After Sun Body Soother ($25) is the brand’s first body product. Unlike traditional gels and lotions, this one is (fittingly) reminiscent of hair mousse, and bubbles on contact with skin. Simply shake and slather for an allover glisten that’s infused with aloe and cucumber. The pineapple and coconut aroma is craveworthy, too.


Moroccanoil™ After-Sun Milk Soothing Body Lotion ($28) is infused with nourishing argan and coconut oils to keep skin supple. Despite the oil, this lotion is surprisingly lightweight, making it perfect for warm summer nights.


While generally inadvisable to use a bodycare product on the face, the Korres® After Sun Greek Yoghurt™ Cooling Gel for Face and Body ($26) proves that, in some cases, you actually can. This creamy gel relies on actual greek yogurt to cool and nourish overheated skin on contact.


As one of the biggest purveyors of sunscreen, it’s fitting that Coola® makes a stellar after-sun lotion, too. The brand’s Radical Recovery® After-Sun Lotion ($32) contains soothing aloe, while lavender makes for an unexpected antiinflammatory twist. If you prefer your relief in spritzable format, don’t miss the Herbivore® After Sun™ Skin Soothing Aloe Mist ($20). Not only is its packaging easy on the eyes, but the formula — infused with aloe — is kind to inflamed skin, too.

The Sun Bum® Cool Down™ Hydrating After Sun Lotion ($12) is spiked with ultra-nourishing cocoa butter and vitamin E, making it ideal for skin that’s soaked up a little bit too much sun. Plus, the formula absorbs in a flash.  

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